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Whether it’s hooking that trophy fish or passing on the joys of boating to the next generation, there are virtually no limits to the memories you can make in your EdgeWater. Explore new, underwater reefs, deserted beaches or secret coves. Entertain friends in style or relax on board with loved ones. Every minute you spend on your EdgeWater is what you wish you were doing the rest of the time.

If you live life to the limits, you’re living Life on the Edge

We build reliability into every EdgeWater by using the highest quality components, hand-selected from the industry’s most trusted vendors. That’s why we exclusively factory-rig with our Four Stroke Outboards, the engines that deliver industry-leading customer satisfaction due to its dependability in salt water, along with awesome hole-shot, overall performance, outstanding fuel efficiency and ultra-quiet operation. Backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty , there is no more reliable boat on the market. All this equals the best value on the water for you. Our boats’ proven reliability is why the U.S. Navy and first responders around the world choose EdgeWater boats for their rugged daily operations. We’ve been building tougher, safer, more reliable boats since our company was founded 1992 in Edgewater, Florida. Since then, we’ve led the industry in new boat design and construction technologies, and we’re not stopping there. We’re committed to taking you to the edge of innovation.

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