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In 1992, a “little company on a bumpy road” in Edgewater, Florida set out to build a luxury saltwater fishing boat. In order to be successful in a highly competitive marketplace, we knew we needed to go against the grain of conventional thinking. We knew, as our customers knew, that when it comes to an offshore vessel, what you don’t see: safety, durability, reliability, ride, comfort, and a lifetime of satisfaction are, in fact, the most important factors affecting a potential boat owners decision. For the past twenty-five years we’ve developed some of the marine industry’s most advanced structural designs on the water. No EdgeWater competitor can boast such a consistent development of modern processes and use of composite materials. 

EdgeWater’s proprietary construction technology, Single Piece Infusion® enhances performance, handling, efficiency and range

Single Piece Infusion is a closed molded vacuum resin infusion process (vacuum is created under sealed plastic bag) that combines foam composite structural stringers (I-beams of a building), engineered knitted fiberglass fabrics (stitched material not woven), and vinylester resins to make our hulls (from 22’ to 37’) strong and a perfect glass-to-resin ratio every time. The process begins by adding dry knitted fiberglass and structural stringers to the inside of a hull mold. A bag is placed and sealed over the mold. Then a vacuum of one negative atmosphere is created underneath. The vinylester resin is then infused (pushed) thru tubes into the grid structure, laminate, and hull mold in one step. No excess resin, which results in unneeded weight, stays in the boat. When the resin hardens and the bag is pulled from the mold it creates a one-piece unsinkable structure, with weight uniformly distributed, more fiberglass per square foot, making an SPI boat three times stronger than one constructed using a conventional open-molded process. While the strength-to-weight ratio is greater than open-molded, polyester boats, this process also achieves a perfectly weighted hull each and every time. 

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