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Safety & Performance

Our first priority is building the safest boats on the water. Our second is making them the best performing.

From the smallest to the largest, each EdgeWater is completely self-bailing, unsinkable, reliable, dry, and exceeds all industry standards. Below the deck, the hull is filled with 100% composite closed-cell foam for maximum buoyancy. Every hull bottom is designed to run soft and dry in the most demanding conditions. Decks are fastened to the hull using three separate methods making it virtually impossible to take apart. Cockpits are larger, deeper, and feature a wide variety of storage areas. Consoles are ergonomically created for maximum comfort, visibility, and ease. Ultimately what separates EdgeWater from Grady-White, Pursuit, Everglades, and Boston Whaler is our exclusive structural systems- Single Piece Infusion or SPI®. Weight is critical for superior hull performance and fuel economy, SPI creates an incredibly strong, one-piece, unsinkable structure that can endure the most extreme stresses and adventures.

Like any high performance vehicle, the test of engineering excellence is in the ride. On this point, EdgeWater is unmatched.

Every EdgeWater rides on a uniquely innovative proprietary variable deadrise (multi-angled) hull design and structural system. Created by a team of the industry’s most respected engineers, naval architects and marine designers, the final product reflects more than four decades of research, testing and refinement. With a sharp entry point, the Variable Deadrise Hull (multi-angled) design delivers a soft, dry ride by displacing water away from the boat at the proper angles, while reverse positioned chines (flat inward-angled surfaces) act as rails, knocking down water under the hull. Long running strakes run fore and aft to provide dynamic stability and increased lift for explosive acceleration out-of-the-hole, and a more efficient running surface. The end result is offshore perfection. 

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