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Every day our engineers, production managers, and craftsmen enter the doors of the factory with one goal in mind – to deliver on our commitment to build the finest and safest luxury offshore boats on the water. Our commitment to excellence is part of who we are, and it factors into everything we do: Every technology we develop and perfect, every advance in strength, every piece of fiberglass, part, and design that we select. It is all done with one resolve in mind – to craft a product that delivers a lifetime of quality and enjoyment on the water. To start with the basics, all EdgeWater models are made of 100% composite materials. No wood coring. No wood stringers. No wood transoms. Our conventional hulls from 15’ to 20’ are built of hand laid fiberglass and reinforced with composite coring where necessary. Transoms are constructed from high-density composites, reinforced for added strength and longevity with laminated engineered fiberglass (knitted, not woven).

Every component is carefully selected for long life, easy maintenance and uncompromising reliability.

Deck hardware and thru-hulls are the highest grade 316L stainless steel. Lexan windshields are extra-thick 3/8”. Critical wiring harnesses feature Deutsch industrial connectors and heavy-gauge, tin-plated copper wiring are labeled every six inches for easy troubleshooting. All pumps, LED lights, gauges and switches are absolutely the best available in the marine industry. Turn-key reliability doesn’t stop with the boat. 

All EdgeWater boats twenty feet and under are constructed with our original break-thru Perma-Grid structural system. Perma-Grid utilizes pre-formed high-density foam structures that are fitted to the hull creating a box-beam structural system that acts like the steel-girders of a building. Made entirely of composite materials and foam ensuring strength and additional buoyancy for un-sinkability, this structure is then encapsulated in fiberglass and resin to create a solid foundation for a strong, durable, and comfortable riding boat that is the hallmark of an EdgeWater.

Our proprietary deep-V variable deadrise (angled) hulls combine a knife-like entry with large reverse chines (flat inward angled surfaces), along with a generous beam (width) and precisely engineered running surface, the result is a soft, dry, and comfortable ride in the most challenging seas. Closed-cell foam is employed in open spaces in the hull to displace air for maximum buoyancy and flotation ensuring each EdgeWater boat is completely unsinkable.

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